First Experiences 初体験


June was a mixed experience. The first half of the month I was sluggish and thought it was just a misplaced muscle, but after 10 days it didn't get better and it became hard to lie on my side and I began to suspect it was internal organs. I went to a clinic that was open on weekends, and for the time being, the urine test was clear. I made an appointment for an ultrasound and was told to wait. In Canada, it is common that you can't get an examination or a doctor to see you right away because medical care is free except for dentistry and ophthalmology. At night, I felt hard and went to the emergency hospital. The doctor looked at my blood test results and said, "Why are you here when your numbers are so healthy?" He also said, "What are you afraid of? My appendix was in a totally different place from that of a normal person, and I had experienced a lot of trouble in the past, so I had a CT scan anyway. I was relieved to find out that my pancreas and other organs were fine. I found out that it was a skeletal problem and finally improved by doing restorative yoga without straining. It was like a drama in the waiting room of a Canadian emergency hospital, with patients arguing with each other and security people working on it. The receptionists, nurses, and doctors were amazingly quick to respond to the problem without getting upset.


I was on my way home after teaching a yoga class and receiving compliments from the teacher, but Google Maps was not quite right. I thought it must be leading me in a different direction because the bridge was closed. While I was making a big detour, the lights in the car turned red and the airbag indicator came on, making it difficult to move the steering wheel. I parked where I could park out of the way for the time being. But that area was downtown where homeless people and drug dealers gather. The window was good because it was slightly open at the top. I called my husband, explained the situation, had him call a mechanic he knew, and waited about an hour and a half for a tow truck to come. I told my husband, "It's a dangerous area. What if someone comes up to me?" I said to him, "You have lived in Canada for 5 years, you know that much. Just stay calm and wait, don't go outside. ” He said.

With those words, yes my car ride was the same as usual. Even if the surroundings change, inside of me is always the same. The teachings of yoga always help me.

The tow truck guy, Daniel, was very calm and smiling and ready to go, and I got in the passenger seat and we went to the mechanic's place near where I live. The moment we entered North Vancouver I said, "Wow, the smell of fresh air. The exact opposite of what I smelled earlier." Daniel-san laughed too. I told Daniel that I didn't want to be towed anymore, but that I would call him if I needed anything, and he joked that next time I would call him in a different area.

That was probably better than the breakdown on the highway.


I feel like I'm tested as much as I am when I'm off-mat.

Summer in Vancouver is short but wonderful and I'm looking forward to many things.

Have a great summer everyone!



ヨガクラスを指導して先生からも褒められてウキウキ気分で帰宅途中に、Google Mapがどうも定まらず。きっとブリッジが閉鎖されているから違う方向に導いていると思った。大回りしていた時に、車中のランプが赤くつき、エアーバックの表示もされてハンドルが動かきにくなった。(><)とりあえず邪魔にならないように路駐できる所に停めた。でもそのエリアはダウンタウンでもホームレスとドラッグする人達が集まるエリアでした。窓は少しだけ上が空いていたので良かった。旦那に電話して状況説明して、知人のメカニックに連絡してもらい牽引車が来るのを1時間半ぐらい待った。旦那に「危険なエリアだよ。誰かが近づいてきたらどうしよう。」と言ったら、「お前はカナダに住んで5年経っているんだから、そのぐらいわかっているでしょう。ただ落ち着いて外に出ないで待ちなさい。」と言われました。