Night walk(夜の散歩)Subjects(主語)


It was already June.

On Friday, May 10, my husband and I, knowing that the Northern Lights could be seen in various places, went for a walk at around 10:30 p.m. We walked around looking up and down, but couldn't see it. I had to do something the next morning, so I gave up and went to bed. The next morning, I received a message from a friend at 11:30 p.m. with the above photo, “Aurora Borealis is out now. The picture was taken very well even though it was taken with a smart phone.

That weekend night we went out for a night walk, but we couldn't see it. It was a pity, but we'll look forward the next time.

When I write my blog, I think that Japanese people usually speak without subject. When my husband and I are taking a walk and I say, “Can I go this way? Why don't you use WE and in my husband's mind, he thinks my attitude remains that of a bachelor.

When I teach yoga, I have to distinguish between plural and singular pronunciations, such as “arms,” “hands,” and “feet,” which I didn't have to worry about so much when I was teaching in Japanese. I'll introduce it in my next blog if I discover anything else in June. Lets's enjoy in June! The photo below is a beautiful spring scene.




ブログを書いていて思うのは、日本人は主語なしで話すのが普通だということだ。夫と散歩をしていて、「こっちに行っていい?Can I go this way?」と言ったとき、何でWEを使わないのと、夫の中では私の態度は独身者のままと思うようです。