Our vacation in Cancun! (メキシコ休暇)


I went to Cancun, Mexico for a week's vacation. The direct flight was an easy 6 hours. It was also our 5th wedding anniversary trip. The white sand beach in front of our condo was emerald green to blue, the perfect environment! We had the luxury of watching the sunrise on the beach, doing yoga, spending time on the beach, and watching the sunset.

English is spoken only in a limited number of places. We didn't understand a word of Spanish, so we just used English words to communicate and were able to take the bus downtown and do some shopping. It was convenient to use the camera function of the translation app to translate menus and other information into English. Going to a different environment was an exercise in learning and accepting myself and my husband...

When I came back to Vancouver and saw the mountains, trees and flowers, it was really beautiful. I am a lucky person to have a good environment.





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