Looking back on 2023!2023年を振り返る


Looking back on 2023, I had many experiences. First, my honeymoon! I traveled on a plane for the first time with my husband, and it was nice to get the COVID-19 relief so we could go out and play with ease like we used to. Mountain climbing and camping! I had an active summer.

Husband started making kombucha, and when the new yeast was ready, he said, 'I'm having a baby.'" He is so happy.

I remember making a hole in a shoji paper when I was a kid, but I never thought I would be re-covering shoji paper in Canada. I was given the opportunity at work.

Christmas gifts for my husband and myself were yoga props from India. I assembled it with my husband and use it for my practice.

And studying Iyenga yoga with Deborah, I feel like I am able to look at myself even more and honestly focus on what I need to do, instead of thinking about the outcome. It has been a pleasure to meet other teachers and yoga friends, and I will continue to work towards my goals in 2024.